Welcome to BCMAC! We support the Burlington County Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and their Families!




Our Mission


The Burlington County Military Affairs Committee(BCMAC) was established by the Burlington County Freeholders on June 10th 1987,and is a New Jersey not for profit corporation classified as tax exempt under IRS code 501 (c)3.The purpose and objectives of BCMAC are to act as a liaison between the Joint Base military commanders and the civilian community to promote a mutual understanding of one another's mission and to assist and support the military wherever possible. Membership is open to any and all who individually or collectively share the common bond of our purpose.


What We Do


Some of the major activities, over the years, have been to help our military personnel in times of financial or personal needs. We sponsor military appreciation dinners ,BBQ's and other unit events for troops being deployed or returning from duty abroad. The committee provides for off base opportunities for our military leaders to interact with local civic leaders. We support unit award programs, annual recognition dinners and provide other silent partnership with the leaders at Joint Base. We have annual fund raising outings and provide trips to sporting events and social events as well as visits to military bases and service academies.



The Military Affairs Committee was established by the Burlington County Board of Freeholders on June 10, 1987. The Burlington County Military Affairs Committe(BCMAC) is a New Jersey Not-for-Profit Corporation and is classified as tax exempt under IRS tax code 501c(3).