Our 2021 Leadership Team


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The BCMAC Board of Trustees consist of 21 board members, (all volunteers) elected from the general membership of which five(5)serve as Officers. The Officers act as an executive committee and have general supervision of committee affairs including ,but not limited to, fundraising projects, developing a working budget and on going interface with Joint Base Commanders on how to better support the military.

These board members come from a diverse background including retired military, law enforcement, education and the private sector. They serve a 3 year term and must be re-elected when their term expires. The Chair is limited to one 2 year term.

Chairperson: Ms Elizabeth Verna
Honorary Chairperson: Mr. Jim Saxton
Vice Chair: Col (Ret) Mike Warner
Treasurer Mr. Gary Vecchio
Secretary Ms June Sernak
Executive Director Dr. Richard Carson
Trustees Mr. Stephen Addezio - Attorney at Law
Mr. Andrew Bulakowski - Contractor
Mr. Mark Dimon - President, Solar Power Brokers LLC
Mr. Ralph Ford - Director, Land Dvpmnt, Planland LLC
Mr. Micheal Giletto - Cater2You Catering
Mr. Richard Haydinger - CEO, United Communities
Mr. Albert Kernagis - NJ State Police
Ms. Lisa Post - Post Surety Bonds
Mr. Steve Prokop
Ms. MaryAnn Rivell - N.J. Lottery
Ms. Evelyn Rosado - Division Head, Military & Veterans Svcs., Burlington County
Mr. Stevenson, Stevie - Military & Veteran Spt Svcs, Virtua
Mr. Walt Tafe - Veterans Affairs, Burlington Cnty (Ret.)
Mr. Joseph Zarzaca - Willingboro Police Officer (Ret.)
Trustees Emeritus Mr. John Aloi
Mr. Anthony J. Carnivale Jr.
Mr. Gary Donnelly
Mr. Stan Fayer
Mr. John Hood
Mrs. Peggy Knight
Mr. Edward Koenig
Mrs. Margaret Nuzzo
Mr. Russell Regn


You can contact the board by sending an email to board@bcmac.info.